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1. He fancies himself a bit of a psychologist.


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1. 心理学家:它包括多个专业的卫生保健专业人士,例如内科医师(physician)、心理学家(psychologist)、护士、物理治疗学家(physical therapists)、职业治疗学家(occupational therapists)及其他专业的卫生保健提供者(health care provider),

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2. 心理治疗师:以为见心理治疗师(psychologist)就是精神病,发神经,低人一等,这样的思想在华人社区中依旧还非常普遍. 本文要谈的是一些常见的对心理治疗的误解,以及它背后一个更深的问题,就是对于心理治疗的抗拒问题.

3. 心理医生:1.心理医生(Psychologist) 年薪:$59,900-$88,9002.警察(Police Officer) 要求法律、安全专业或社会科学专业本科学历. 经过3~6个月的岗前培训和心理测试. 视力与身材必须达到相关标准. 3.消防队员(Firefighter) 年薪:$56,700-$72,

4. 心理学者:psychologism 心理主义 | psychologist 心理学者 | psychologize 研究心理学

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1. When the psychologist attempts to employ statistical methods her encounters the usual obscurantist notion that you can prver anything with statistics.


2. Graham Price, a psychologist, said those who are bored should lift their spirits by thinking more about the needs of others.


3. To the human sociobiologist and evolutionary psychologist, culture is either trivial or so bound by genetic fitness that it is unimportant.


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4. When you try something difficult, you feel capable and confident-and as a result, you also feel more satisfied and upbeat about life in general, says psychologist Andrew Eilliot of the University of Rochester.



5. Back in 1987, Texas Tech psychologist Rosemary Cogan used the discomfort of a pressure cuff to test another medical benefit of laughter: pain management.


6. Experiments 2conducted by psychologist Judith H. Langlois showed that even small 3infants prefer to look at attractive faces.


7. psychologist

7. Dr. Witkowski, a psychologist, says the boss told her she didnt seem as sharp as usual and recommended that she take the rest of the day off to clear her mind.


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8. Dr. Witkowski, a psychologist, says the boss told her she didn't seem as sharp as usual and recommended that she take the rest of the day off to clear her mind.


9. One way to distinguish the source of your discontent, says psychologist Barry Lubetkin, author of Bailing Out, is to comb over your history.


10. All of the adolescents were screened by a psychologist to ensure that they would comply with the study protocol.


11. This is the first step to becoming a Chartered Psychologist.


12. Using sophisticated eye tracking equipment, the team looked at letters within a word and found that people combined parts of a word that were on average two letters apart, said Simon Liversedge, a cognitive (1) psychologist at the University of Southampton.

南安普敦大学的一位认知心理学家Simon Liversedge称,研究小组利用精密仪器观察一个单词的字母组成发现,人们将一个单词通常拆分成由两个字母组合的部分。

13. You may go to a psychologist or a psychoanalyst to find out about yourself, but that is not self-knowledge.



14. The most powerful agent of growth and transformation is something much more basic than any technique: a change of heart---John Welwood, psychologist.


15. Credit cards might not only anaesthetise retail pain, they may create a physical craving to get the dopamine high from spending, says Professor Drazen Prelec, a psychologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

麻省理工学院心理学家Drazen Prelec教授说,信用卡不仅麻醉了这种痛苦,而且它能增加从花钱中获得多巴胺的欲望。

16. French Enlightenment psychologist and philos~ pher.


17. Clarb pointed out that the audience will have selective acceptance of the information and have selective cognition and memory. The selection course is based on the psychologist Phistingle`s theory of cognition maladjustments.


18. Family took me to see a psychologist, I would like to cure brain disease, then face the problem of condyloma......


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19. But Jasem Hajia, a child psychologist in Kuwait City, cautioned against placing all the blame on video images.

但是科威特儿童心理学者Jasem Hajia认为不能完全归罪于视频图像。

20. In a note left to his staff, the psychologist said: Tonight I feel tired, alone, and suddenly very old.


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1. 心理学家

A psychologist is a person who studies the human mind and tries to explain why people behave in the way that they do.

e.g. Psychologists tested a group of six-year-olds with a video.


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1. A challenging new book by the Harvard University psychologist Steven Pinker says that the answer is " yes ".

2. CANBERRA - A previous heartbreak is an essential factor in finding " the one, " a psychologist told Australia's media on Thursday.

3. Most of the candidates were majors in psychology and have obtained a professional psychologist certification from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

4. Chen has refused to see a psychologist as he claims he is fastidious rather than compulsive.

5. Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention clinical psychologist Andrew Liu said most sex offenders would show an improvement in their behaviour after counselling.

6. " These are the most exciting data I've ever collected, " Carnegie Mellon psychologist Jennifer Lerner told a gathering of science writers here last month.

7. It doesn't take a psychologist to discern the impact this absence had.

8. " Stress is harmful in the long run, " says psychologist Joachim Kugler of Germany's Dresden Technical University.

9. The psychologist with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences believes the drop in interest " reflects some women's emphasis on materialism ".

10. He said a neutral person - a lawyer or psychologist - who can make suggestions regularly and moderate emotional excesses is essential for those groups.

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1. a scientist trained in psychology



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